TIP #8

If you apply the flame to the bowl in small sections or "corners" then folks down the circle from you get fresher hits.

The idea is simple. Plant an extra row of vegetables, and donate the harvest to your local food bank or shelter.

Nutrient Planner

Botanicare - Kind Standard
Botanicare - Pure Blend Pro Soil
Flora Series - Recirculating with Koolbloom
Flora Series - Simple DTW
Flora Series - Simple Recirculating
FloraDuo Series - Simple DTW
FloraDuo Series - Simple Recirculating
FloraNova Series - Simple DTW
FloraNova Series - Simple Recirculating
General Organics - Simple DTW
Lucus - Flora Series
Maxi Series - Simple DTW
Maxi Series - Simple Recirculating
Nutrifield - Coco
Nutrifield - Elements

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