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  1. The LexCo cases have a clever design and I got a lot of use out of my C5 case which is nice for regular sized joints. This one is a good fit for those that roll a bit bigger.

  2. I'm not picky about specifics on rolling tips (crutches). If none are handy you can get about five out of a regular business card with a pair of scissors.

  3. The Elements papers are thin, and the glue holds well without being overwhelming. The 300 packs are generally cheaper per sheet than the smaller sizes, although the glued edge may curl a bit. Keep dry.

  4. Larger rolling aprons give more flexibility when joint rolling. With practice a variety of sizes can be rolled with the larger machines, which I find gives more flexability than with the small standard sized rollers.

TIP #4

Add one tablespoon of molasses to one cup of white sugar to make your own brown sugar.

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