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Live Concentrates

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  1. Live concentrates are made from:
    1. Fresh or fresh frozen cannabis that hasn't been dried.
    2. Dried but not cured cannabis.
    3. Dried and cured cannabis.
    4. Dried, cured, and aged cannabis.

  2. Live concentrates are processed with:
    1. High heat and as slowly as possible.
    2. High heat and for as long as possible.
    3. Low heat and minimal evaporation.
    4. By intentionally boiling off as many terpenes as possible.

  3. To prepare harvested cannabis for live concentrates:
    1. Put freshly harvested cannabis in a sealed bag and store in a warm location.
    2. Put freshly harvested cannabis in the freezer or use immediately.
    3. Dry thoroughly to avoid mold.
    4. Must be cured for at least two weeks.

  4. Properly made live concentrates:
    1. Have little flavor.
    2. Generally are cheaper.
    3. Generally taste like "lawn clippings".
    4. None of the above.

  5. Terpenes:
    1. Can be separated from THC by fractional distilling.
    2. Are more important than THC for the "high" effect of cannabis.
    3. Cannot be found in turpentine.
    4. Cannot be separated from THC.

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