Pun #44

Acupuncture - A jab well done.

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  1. The term "dab" was inspired by ...
    1. an abbreviation for "DA Bong".
    2. bad spelled backwards.
    3. Leetspeak for "doob"
    4. Brylcreem's jingle "a little dab will do you."

  2. Concentrates are made by removing much of the _______ from the starting material.
    1. leafy plant material
    2. air
    3. vacuum
    4. Hippogriff tears

  3. Dabs are heated to their _________ to consume.
    1. flash point.
    2. vaporization temperature
    3. combustion temperature
    4. freezing point

  4. One factor to consider when dabbing is the effect it will have on...
    1. the Xenia effect.
    2. meristem affectation.
    3. the effect on the consumer's tolerance.
    4. stoma orientation.

  5. One benefit of dabs is that they...
    1. clean and polish butter knives.
    2. are less bulky than flowers to transport.
    3. are usually cheaper than flowers.
    4. are less potent than flowers.

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