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Trichomes and Harvest

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  1. Trichomes are ...
    1. red, green, and blue.
    2. used to make car bumpers reflective.
    3. small openings on the underside of leaves.
    4. hair-like structures found on plants such as stinging nettles.

  2. The three best known cannabinoids are ...
    1. ABC, CBS, and NBC.
    2. THC, CBD, and CBN.
    3. NAA, IAA, and IBA.
    4. Not found in nature.

  3. Hash and other concentrates separate the contents of the trichomes from ...
    1. the leaf material.
    2. the pondus hydrogenii.
    3. the square of the hypotenuse.
    4. Hydnora africana.

  4. The three stages of trichomes are ...
    1. main, center, off Broadway.
    2. clear, cloudy, rainy.
    3. RGB, CYMK, RYB
    4. clear, cloudy, amber.

  5. Decarboxylation drives off ________ turning the THCa into the active form, THC.
    1. nitrogen
    2. hydrogen peroxide
    3. carbon dioxide
    4. a cliff

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