Grow with Grubbycup General Hydroponics Contest – Power Grower – Ended

Growing with Grubbycup

Special thanks to General Hydroponics!

The Grow with Grubbycup show plays on the DFZ radio network at DFZradio,com Tuesday nights 6 pm Pacific time. The archive of previous shows can be found here and listened to at your leisure.

As a thank you to Gentle Listeners; for the first venture into Smokey’s Prize Pit, stalwart adventurers have a chance to raid Smokey’s horde for a Power Grower from General Hydroponics.


Enter the contest by using the form below. You will be asked to

“like” the “Grow with Grubbycup” Facebook page, and optionally (for more chances to win) like the Grubbycup page and the General Hydroponics page.

Contest ends 7 January 2014 – Contest has ended


If you are a manufacturer or distributor, and you would like to sponsor a prize for Smokey’s Prize Pit to be given away in a similar contest, please contact me care of this website.