Grubbycup’s beard, getting longer.

I’ve been known to play with my facial hair a fair amount. I’ve done everything from clean shaven to a full beard.

Clean shaven

This photo is from my first book. No beard at all.


Here it is starting to grow out.


Here is a photo of my beard as I’d kept it for a long time. Full beard, not too long.


Then I decided, well, since my current occupation doesn’t have much in the way of a dress code, I might as well let it get a little longer.


Once it got long enough to play with, I of course played with it. My favorite “beard-do” is with two braids down the sides.


And here it is a bit longer, I’ve been letting it grow out.

My beard is now as long as it has every been, and now I’m starting to wonder how much longer it would go before it hit its “terminal length” where it won’t get longer. I think if it gets too much longer it is going to start getting in the way, but I think it is long enough now to sneak onto the set of “Vikings” on and look like I fit in.


Here is the same beard as above with braids.


Although it is 4 months growth over the photo above it, at this point, it is long enough where a couple of inches doesn’t make much difference.


Fun with braids. Usually I only wear a single braid on each side, but I did this just because I could.

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  1. I love bearded men, my husband has one most all the time – and as long as we have been together (40 years) he’s had a mustache – won’t do the braid thing though! 🙁
    Love it – don’t worry, be hairy!

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