One of the most delicious treats I’ve ever eaten was Grubby’s “Dutch Babies.” Dutch Babies are sort of a cross between Indian Fry Bread and a Crepe, with a custard-like center. The full sized Dutch Baby is baked in a 12-inch cast iron skillet. In this single serving spin-off, I’ve used a 5″ ramekin to bake just enough for one person, and substituted cannabis-infused butter instead of regular butter. The resulting medible is a pint-sized version of the original. I prefer triple-strained canna-butter for this recipe, since the canna-butter sits in the center, and is also a dip sauce for the crusty sides of this dish.

This is simple and fast: 4 ingredients, 2 minutes of prep time using only a blender, and 15-17 minutes to bake. It’s fun, fast, and absolutely scrum-delicious!


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