Crochet – Double Crochet Stitch (Left Handed)

The double crochet stitch (dc) is twice the height of a single crochet stitch (sc), and has an additional yarn over (yo).

IMG_0458In this example, the stitch will loop the entire ring. An alternative would be to pass under only the top two strands.

IMG_0459Yarn over (yo).

IMG_0460Pass the hook through the material.

IMG_0461Yarn over (yo) again.

IMG_0462Pull the yarn over loop through all but the last loop.

IMG_0463Yarn over (yo)

IMG_0465And pull though to complete the stitch.

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Crochet – Chain Stitch (Left Handed)

The chain stitch (usually abbreviated “ch”) is about as simple as a stitch can get. It is often used as the first row in projects.

IMG_0442The “G” hook (4.25 mm) is my favorite size. I’ve recently switched to using the thicker handled ones, which do seem to be less fatiguing and easier to use for long periods of time.

IMG_0443Start a chain by making a loop over the hook, the short end should cross over the long end, so it can be trapped in the next step.

IMG_0445Put the yarn over the hook (yo).

IMG_0446And pull through. There should be a loop around the hook, and the first stitch below.

IMG_0447Yarn over (yo) and pull through to repeat the stitch. A series of chain stitches is known as a chain, and is used as the starting point for many patterns.

Another example:

IMG_0465Start position

IMG_0467Yarn over (yo)

IMG_0469Pull through.

IMG_0470Chain stitch complete.

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Grubbycup Stash MIRON (violet glass) herb jars.

The fine folks over at  have come out with a special “Grubbycup Stash” edition of herb storage jars. These are made from MIRON (violet) glass, which blocks out harmful light rays and protects the herbs inside. The lid has a handy humidity/temperature readout to assist in curing and proper storage.

The small 100 ml for smaller amounts (sensor not included on the 100 ml)

MIRON glass stash jar.

There are other sizes as well, for example this 500 ml is a nice sized jar for personal use.

MIRON (violet) glass jar

And for those who enjoy bragging rights, there is the mighty 2 liter apothecary jar.

MIRON apothicary jar.
2 Liter Jar

I really like how the jars came out. The glass is a very dark violet blue that almost looks black. There are a variety of sizes to meet individual needs, and the humidity/temperature gauge is a handy touch. Very handy for keeping a little catnip or other herb within reach without light damaging (or displaying them) as with a clear container such as a mason jar (which perform much better when kept in a cool dark drawer).

Inspired by the alchemical violet glass used in ancient Egypt and in the middle ages in Europe, MIRON violet glass has an interestingly distinctive look. They are usual enough to act as a conversation piece in certain circles, especially if you happen to have one of my handmade pipes to accompany it.

Grubbycup’s Stash Herb Jars – “Everything else is just a jar”

When ordering, enter the coupon code “grubbycup” for 5% off.




Grow with Grubbycup General Hydroponics Contest – Power Grower – Ended

Growing with Grubbycup

Special thanks to General Hydroponics!

The Grow with Grubbycup show plays on the DFZ radio network at DFZradio,com Tuesday nights 6 pm Pacific time. The archive of previous shows can be found here and listened to at your leisure.

As a thank you to Gentle Listeners; for the first venture into Smokey’s Prize Pit, stalwart adventurers have a chance to raid Smokey’s horde for a Power Grower from General Hydroponics.


Enter the contest by using the form below. You will be asked to

“like” the “Grow with Grubbycup” Facebook page, and optionally (for more chances to win) like the Grubbycup page and the General Hydroponics page.

Contest ends 7 January 2014 – Contest has ended


If you are a manufacturer or distributor, and you would like to sponsor a prize for Smokey’s Prize Pit to be given away in a similar contest, please contact me care of this website.

Grubbycup’s Peach Kuchen

Grubbycup’s Peach Kuchen


½ Cup butter

2 Cups flour

¼ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

1 Cup sugar


8-10 peaches sliced

1 Cup sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 egg yolks

1 Cup heavy cream


Heat oven to 400F

Mix sifted flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Work softened butter into mixture. Press an even layer into bottom and up sides of pan (9’x 13’) with hands.

Put peaches into shell (crust). Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over peaches. Bake for 15 min. While baking, blend yolks and cream. Remove pan from oven, pour cream mixture over peaches, return to oven, and bake 30 min more.