Grubbycup Stash MIRON (violet glass) herb jars.

The fine folks over at  have come out with a special “Grubbycup Stash” edition of herb storage jars. These are made from MIRON (violet) glass, which blocks out harmful light rays and protects the herbs inside. The lid has a handy humidity/temperature readout to assist in curing and proper storage.

The small 100 ml for smaller amounts (sensor not included on the 100 ml)

MIRON glass stash jar.

There are other sizes as well, for example this 500 ml is a nice sized jar for personal use.

MIRON (violet) glass jar

And for those who enjoy bragging rights, there is the mighty 2 liter apothecary jar.

MIRON apothicary jar.
2 Liter Jar

I really like how the jars came out. The glass is a very dark violet blue that almost looks black. There are a variety of sizes to meet individual needs, and the humidity/temperature gauge is a handy touch. Very handy for keeping a little catnip or other herb within reach without light damaging (or displaying them) as with a clear container such as a mason jar (which perform much better when kept in a cool dark drawer).

Inspired by the alchemical violet glass used in ancient Egypt and in the middle ages in Europe, MIRON violet glass has an interestingly distinctive look. They are usual enough to act as a conversation piece in certain circles, especially if you happen to have one of my handmade pipes to accompany it.

Grubbycup’s Stash Herb Jars – “Everything else is just a jar”

When ordering, enter the coupon code “grubbycup” for 5% off.




TightVac storage containers

Gentle Readers may already be aware, but I have a fondness for canning jars as storage containers for herbs, including TPTSNBN (That plant that shall not be named). They are reasonably priced, airtight, and easy to clean. They can be dressed up with a little acid etching cream (see my article about that in Soft Secrets Magazine here). About my only complaint about them is that they are not opaque (they let light in), and they usually really aren’t all that attractive for use with company.

I was given one of these containers to try out, they are a TightVac container, distributed by Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply. I have to say, I’ll reserve my final judgment until I’ve had more experience with it, but my initial impression is pretty favorable.

Buttons 022

The idea seems sound to me. The lid is very deep, so a large quantity of air is trapped when it is first set onto the container. There is a little button near the top that opens a small valve, so by pressing the button, the volume of air trapped in the lid is allowed to escape, reducing the pressure inside the container to atmospheric normal, and letting the lid slide down over the container. What is nice about this container, is that since the pressure inside the closed container is the same as the local atmosphere, trying to remove the lid without pressing the button to open the valve causes a vacuum which holds the lid in place.

The plastic used is an opaque white, so light isn’t a problem, and it is an attractive container. Very appropriate for use with the herbs you plan on using soon handy, or bringing out for guests. If nothing else, the unusual closure method is worth a mention and a moment of “show and tell”.

I plan on using it enough to get a feel for it, and will let you know if I wind up liking it or not caring for it.  So far I’ve been very pleased with it.