Sixteen Ones (Sixteen Tons parody)

Some people say that dabs are better than bud. Sticky and gooey like made out of mud. Hustle and bustle, and a rig that’s a chore. A price that’s high and a high that’s strong. I rolled sixteen ones. What do you bet? Rolled two more, ain’t seen nothing yet. Had some left and so… Continue reading Sixteen Ones (Sixteen Tons parody)

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Event: 420 Grow Cruise

This year for 4-20 I attended Guy Holmes’ Grow Cruise. I know Guy through Grow Magazine, and in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that I traded some writing I did for them for my ticket.  It was a cannabis friendly event which drew some cannabis friendly folks to pier 40 in San… Continue reading Event: 420 Grow Cruise

RAW wide (Rawhide parody)

RAW wide (x4) Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ RAW wide! She’s rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ Till her fingers swollen Keep them joints a rollin’, RAW wide Some bud, a crutch, and paper. All spun up together Makin’ a jay that’s long and wide. You know what I’m thinkin’ 4:20’s not for missin’ Ya pass that on over to… Continue reading RAW wide (Rawhide parody)

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More Yankee Doodle Lyrics

Yankee Doodle is a tune that I learned back in school. The rich they tried to dumb us down. My pa don’t raise no fools. Chorus: Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle dandy, Mind the music and the step, And with the girls be handy. When Donald went to Washington, the Russians did their… Continue reading More Yankee Doodle Lyrics

Lavender Wand

I like the smell of lavender, but dried lavender is very fragile and tends to shed the wilted flowers and other bits as it dries. A common solution is to create a small sachet and sew the lavender inside, a less common (but more fun) solution is to make a lavender wand. Start with fresh… Continue reading Lavender Wand