Garden update for March

The radishes planted February 15th are starting to become ready for harvest. They took a couple weeks longer than the estimate on the packages, but the weather has been cool and rainy. It has been a joy to harvest a few each day, although so far none have made it to the refrigerator. I’ve just… Continue reading Garden update for March

Root Pouch Container Garden Setup

I took advantage of the three day weekend to set up some 65 gallon root pouch fabric pots to use as raised gardening containers. The trellis is good and sturdy for this year, I’m not sure exactly what it was before, but it is a trellis now. For a growing medium, I am using a… Continue reading Root Pouch Container Garden Setup

February Daffodils

It is February, and the yellow daffodils are blooming. Not much new going on. Just started some sunflower seeds along the fence, and have pepper and tomato seedlings started indoors. The onions outside seem to be doing well, and it looks like at least one of the Romanesco broccoli is forming a head.

Dixondale Order Arrived

For the sake of transparency: I purchased the onion plants in the following article, and planted them in a 65 gallon Root Pouch furnished by Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supply. Callooh! Callay! My first ever Dixondale Farms order of onion plants has arrived. Last October I put in my order for one of their Intermediate Day Sampler bunches… Continue reading Dixondale Order Arrived

State of the garden – January

The mini daffodils are blooming, with the full sized not long behind. In my area they really do well, and require little maintenance except for digging up to divide every few years. Mine need it again, but I’ll wait until after the tops have withered. My brassicas have not done well this year at all.… Continue reading State of the garden – January

Sixteen Ones (Sixteen Tons parody)

Some people say that dabs are better than bud. Sticky and gooey like made out of mud. Hustle and bustle, and a rig that’s a chore. A price that’s high and a high that’s strong. I rolled sixteen ones. What do you bet? Rolled two more, ain’t seen nothing yet. Had some left and so… Continue reading Sixteen Ones (Sixteen Tons parody)

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