runtz from Elyon 3.5 grams (front of package).

I haven’t written a cannabis review for a while so I decided is was about time I did. This is not a paid review.

I was gifted an eighth of runtz from Elyon which (on the day of this post anyway) goes for $30 at SilverStreak delivery. The packaging looks professional and uses bright and colorful artwork. The tear off top is notched for easy removal, and leaves a press seal closure to keep the remainder fresh. I’m just attesting to my experience with this particular package and not making claims as to other pouches from this same source, so be forewarned your mileage may vary.

Back of package.

According to the instructions on the back of the package “Remove cannabis from pouch and smoke”. I think that’s cool and cute, but seriously, if you need those directions to figure out how to use the product, you may be high enough already. According to the label it has 22.91 % THC.

Out of package

I don’t have a scale handy to double check, but it appears to have the 3.5 grams as advertised on the front of the package. The buds are small, but not tiny or broken. There are 3.5 grams divided by 11 similar sized buds which averages out to about a third of a gram apiece.

.Closeup of sample

The buds are tight, compact, and have little excess leaf material. A few errant leaf stems are present, but overall the trim is much closer than I would do for my homegrown.

Santa Cruz Shredder: My current favorite grinder

Years ago I was gifted a large Santa Cruz Shredder, they are expensive ($89.95 at the time this was written), but has been my go to daily driver ever since.

Ground runtz

The ground cannabis smells pleasant with notes of tropical scent dryer sheet fabric softener (in a good way) and is slightly sweet.

Elements and rolled joint

Elements 300 leaf packs are my rolling papers of choice. My second choice would be RAW 300 leaf packs. I rolled up a joint with a crutch to try.

The smoke is soft and smooth. The hit comes across as more a caress than a slam. The aftertaste is present but not commanding. It comes across like a warm glow. It is a nice leisurely smoke, More a sipping whisky than a beer to guzzle. Took a break halfway through to make a snack. Smoked slow it has a nice gentle ease into the high. It is a pleasant and relaxing high. It would be a solid choice to unwind with.

I think I’m going to save the rest of the pouch for smoking a little at a time in a tester pipe as an appetizer before smoking more pedestrian fare. I would both smoke again and recommend to friends.

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