A special thanks to my Gentle Readers.

Kiva finances microloans with local banks across the globe so folks can do things like get a loan to buy pig feed for the family farm.

A fund was set up from the sales of my two books, Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics (the simple one), and Grubbycup’s Garden Notes (the more advanced book). Thanks to Gentle Readers (like you), that fund is now one of the top 1% of lenders on Kiva. For that I thank you, and I’m pretty sure some folks who neither of us is ever going to meet thanks you as well.

I admit, I dislike the way the donation to Kiva is checked by default, but overall they seem to be doing good in places that can use some help.

Peace, love, and puka shells,

Rapid Rooters – General Hydroponics

Rapid Rooters by General Hydroponics
Rapid Rooters by General Hydroponics


I’ve had good luck with Rapid Rooters from General Hydroponics. They are used to start seeds or cuttings. If they dry out before use, you can re-wet them.

They work well as long as they are kept moist, but not soggy.

Rapid Rooters are single use.

Made by General Hydroponics

Squash Sprouts

Rapid Rooters

Squash roots in Rapid Rooter cube.
Squash roots in Rapid Rooter cube.